She walked into the house. Dripping in sweat, she dropped her gym bag by the door and slipped shoes off her aching feet. She had left it all at the gym today, and was looking forward to a steamy shower to ease all her aching muscles. She still had her iPod blasting, and almost walked right into him.

“Oh, shit!” She said as she pulled the earbud away and steadied herself by grabbing his arm. “You scared me.”

Normally he would’ve grinned and said something funny, joking about how easy it is to make her jump perhaps. He would’ve asked how the gym was and begin their usual evening routine of finding dinner and entertainment. He would’ve held a conversation about their respective days as she showered and dressed for the evening.

But today, he didn’t grin.

There was another look in his eye today. It reminded her of a wolf stalking his prey – ready to dominate and conquer. She didn’t know what put it there. Perhaps he’d just finished a really enticing conversation online. Maybe the appeal of her attempts to work out to look good for him was suddenly dawning. It’s unlikely her muscles showed her hard work yet. She knew she didn’t look her best. She was flushed and flustered.

“You look like you had a good workout” He said as he hooked his arm around her back, pulling her closer.
“I smell terrible…I sweat my ass off…I don’t think…”
She started to ramble reasons why she didn’t look her best despite the fact that he clearly didn’t mind. His hands found her hips and anchored her in place. He kissed her with an urgent passion, effectively silencing the stream of words pouring out of her.

“I think you need another workout.” He all but purred the words as he peeled the damp shirt off her skin. He ran a finger along the top of her sports bra, his touch leaving a line of nerves sizzling in response.

“But you’re probably not up for it…” He murmured as he bent his head to capture her lips in another kiss. His strong lips and tongue wrecked havoc on her mouth, scattering her negative thoughts entirely.

“I think I still have some energy actually.”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his body closer. The fabric of her sports bra scraped against his shirt and his hands circled her waist to grab her ass. Suddenly it didn’t matter where the look in his eyes had come from or why. She felt the same urgency now. She couldn’t see it, but her eyes held a gleam of their own. The gleam of sexual knowledge – knowing she had the power to entice, tease, and please her man. She hooked a leg around his to grind her hips against him. The thin fabric of her pants allowed the friction of his jeans to do delicious things to her. She felt the pull of lust stretch across her stomach, imagined herself growing wet with anticipation of pleasure.

She became filled with impatience, desperate to feel his skin against hers. She stepped back to pull his shirt over his head, kissing the shoulder she bared. She fumbled with his belt buckle as he chuckled.

“In a hurry, are you?”

She watched as he stripped the last of his clothing away. His cock hung thick and heavy between his legs, practically pulsing with his desire. The strong muscles of his body framed a picture she couldn’t stand not to touch. She ran her hands from his shoulders down to his cock, clutching the very thing she most desired at the moment.

“I just need you to fill me as soon as possible”

She stepped back to strip her own clothes off, moaning in pleasure when he caught her freed nipple between his teeth. She knelt in front of him, eagerly taking him into her mouth. She felt so powerful in this position, kneeling in front of him but holding his pleasure in her hands just as his hands cupped her head. She felt his hips buck in response to her attempts to deep throat his cock, humming with the effort.  She cupped his balls, feeling them heavy and filled. She licked the tip of his cock, tasting the quick spurt of precum as she pumped her hand up and down his cock.

“I can’t wait, I need to feel you in my pussy.”

He grasped her arms, pulling her roughly to her feet. Before she could catch her balance, he spun her towards the table and pushed her over. She bent over the table, spreading her legs and moaning in anticipation.

“Please, baby, get in me.” She said as she gripped her ass and looked over her shoulder at him.

He stepped up behind her and thrust into her. She was wet and ready and his cock slid deep into her pussy. She groaned as the sensations began to ripple through her body. He stretched and filled her so quickly she didn’t have a chance to adjust.

He pulled out to the tip of his cock before driving into her again, hard. She moaned in response. He pulled out slowly once more, letting her feel every ridge and vein slide through her until she felt the aching emptiness before he plunged back into her pussy. He began a rough, frenzied pace of fucking, slamming his cock into her over and over. She felt the impact of his hips bouncing against her ass, felt his strength in his grip on her hips, and his pleasure in the rhythmic thrusting. She couldn’t do anything more than moan, almost paralyzed with the intensity of pleasure radiating from his thrusts.

“Your cock feels so good, I’m almost there” She gasped as she felt the pressure of a climax begin to build. It wouldn’t take many thrusts at this pace to make that pressure burst into a pulsing orgasm.

“Oh yeah, does that mean this is a good workout?” He teased as he reached forward to twist and pinch her nipple.

“You know I like to work out…hard” She replied as the pressure came to its peak. Knowing her body’s reactions as well as his own, he slowed his movements, pulling all the way out of her pussy and sliding back in. Just at the cusp of her orgasm he drove hard, slamming his hips against her as he drove her over the edge.

She couldn’t speak as the orgasm ripped through her, barely holding onto the table as he continued to thrust into her pulsing pussy. The first orgasm was like a challenge, urging him to drive her to cum again and again. His thrusts were an endless assault of pleasure, sending her into another world where her only coherent thoughts were of cumming over and over.

Fast and furious, he drove both of them into a dazed reality of pleasure until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please let me taste you. I need you to cum. Cum in my mouth” She demanded as her senses reeled from the latest orgasm. She felt his hands grasp her hips once more to turn her towards him.

She smiled triumphantly as she knelt in front of his cock. It was wet from her pleasure and straining in his need for release. His balls were tight and hard against his body, ready to release the cum she so desperately wanted.

She swallowed the head of his cock, massaging his balls as she rhythmically sucked his throbbing cock. She looked up at him as she swallowed nearly all of him, feeling his tip slide against the back of her throat. He groaned and gripped her head, thrusting his hips and fucking her mouth. She moaned as his cock slid in and out of her mouth, knowing he was getting closer.

“Ready for it?” He asked as he stroked her jaw, eyes half closed in pleasure.

She gripped his ass and focused her efforts on sucking him hard, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth at the quick pace he preferred when he was about to cum. She felt the tremors slide through his cock as the cum splashed into her mouth. His groans accompanied the pulsing of his cock as it emptied its contents into her waiting mouth. She sucked him dry, then sat back on her heels and looked up at him.

She smiled as she licked her lips, knowing her face would be the picture of satisfaction. She was well fucked and could taste his pleasure on her tongue, she was satisfied in every way.

“Now I suppose you can have that shower…” He said as he walked away.


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