55 MPH

They’re flying down a country road, surrounded by empty fields. He smiles as he sets the cruise control and slides his seat back a few inches. She opens the silky bag and lets her vibrator slide out into her hands. The smooth silicone is still cold from hours in a suitcase. She unzips her jeans and wiggles back into a reclined position. She turns on the vibrator and slides it down her stomach and into her jeans, feeling the vibrations hit her clit as his smiles grows. She jokes “don’t get too distracted” as she begins to grind into the vibrator. The first waves of a growing orgasm seem to hit her immediately, blurring her vision of the road and wide open fields. She can imagine his eyes sliding between her and the road as she cums.

He unzips his own jeans and pulls his cock out. It’s standing straight up in front of the wheel and just too tempting to resist. She leans over and eagerly takes his cock into her mouth. The vibrator is wedged tight against her clit inside her jeans and she moans as she slides her mouth around the head of his cock and down as far as she can go. His hand grasps her hair and pushes her gently up and down, setting the rhythm. It’s a rush of sensations, combined with the adrenaline of driving down the road for any passerby to see. She gets lost in the moans she hears above her head. Sucking his cock as deeply as she can beside the wheel, the vibrator brings her to the brink of orgasm again. She shudders and moans against his lap, feeling his hand tighten in her hair. He groans “don’t stop” and thrusts into her mouth. “Now” he says as she takes the length of his cock into her mouth. She feels him cum, spurting into the back of her throat. She swallows and leans back into her seat, smiling at the view of her man – cock glistening in the daylight, his satisfied smile and his hands gripping the wheel. They continue down the road as she buttons her pants and attempts to slow her racing heartbeat. She smiles as she remembers what she’s said so often – “country roads are so boring!”


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