IMG_1388A little morning time alone.


55 MPH

They’re flying down a country road, surrounded by empty fields. He smiles as he sets the cruise control and slides his seat back a few inches. She opens the silky bag and lets her vibrator slide out into her hands. The smooth silicone is still cold from hours in a suitcase. She unzips her jeans and wiggles back into a reclined position. She turns on the vibrator and slides it down her stomach and into her jeans, feeling the vibrations hit her clit as his smiles grows. She jokes “don’t get too distracted” as she begins to grind into the vibrator. The first waves of a growing orgasm seem to hit her immediately, blurring her vision of the road and wide open fields. She can imagine his eyes sliding between her and the road as she cums.

He unzips his own jeans and pulls his cock out. It’s standing straight up in front of the wheel and just too tempting to resist. She leans over and eagerly takes his cock into her mouth. The vibrator is wedged tight against her clit inside her jeans and she moans as she slides her mouth around the head of his cock and down as far as she can go. His hand grasps her hair and pushes her gently up and down, setting the rhythm. It’s a rush of sensations, combined with the adrenaline of driving down the road for any passerby to see. She gets lost in the moans she hears above her head. Sucking his cock as deeply as she can beside the wheel, the vibrator brings her to the brink of orgasm again. She shudders and moans against his lap, feeling his hand tighten in her hair. He groans “don’t stop” and thrusts into her mouth. “Now” he says as she takes the length of his cock into her mouth. She feels him cum, spurting into the back of her throat. She swallows and leans back into her seat, smiling at the view of her man – cock glistening in the daylight, his satisfied smile and his hands gripping the wheel. They continue down the road as she buttons her pants and attempts to slow her racing heartbeat. She smiles as she remembers what she’s said so often – “country roads are so boring!”


There’s been so much change in my life lately, so much to focus on. Distracting things like a new job, depressing things like a traffic ticket, stressful things like moving. I feel like I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster the past few months and some things my husband’s been struggling with have felt the same.

When I left him, I said I’d work to put my sexuality at the center of my life. I’d stop pushing it off to the side and ignoring it for months. I’d explore what turned me on and what I craved with or without him. I’d unleash my inner slut.

I felt like I was making progress – ever so slowly reaching out for more. Then bam – I fell right back into my habits. Adding 8 hours of work and 3 hours of driving to my daily life drained all my energy. Breaking a finger drained all my pleasure. I’d fall into bed and wake up in what felt like two minutes to do it all again. Sex was pushed way to the side – and obviously this blog, my writing, got pushed even further down.

I woke up this morning feeling like I barely slept. My eyes would barely stay open and all I could think about was coffee.

Then I got a text:

I’m horny.

I almost typed not now – I just woke up. It’s my jerk reaction to turn things down when the situation’s not perfect from the start. I didn’t – I’m so tired of telling him no. I nearly scared him off trying to explain how tired I was and out of it I was.

But then he slid me into things with his words. His voice just flows down my spine and seduces me with the wonderful images he creates. Before I knew it I was cumming and begging for more. That few minutes after we cum is the closest I feel until I can touch him again. We’re both relaxed and open – I feel so connected and wanted. Why can’t I ever remember that at the beginning?

I move into our new place in a week. I’ll be able to walk around naked – I’ll be able to moan as loud as I want as the magic wand works its magic. I’ll feel free again. So now the challenge is to hold onto that feeling – to push my limits and explore. To remember to be more open to things my wonderful husband suggests and to suppress that jerk reaction that responds without thought.

I’d really like to take some pictures soon too. I’ve never felt so sexy and confident as I did when I saw myself in a good picture.