Body Language

He walked into the cabin, dripping rain water onto the floor. He pried the mud-covered boots off and hung his heavy coat near the door. He walked across the room to the fire, warming his hands and wiping the rain from his hair.

She was chopping vegetables for dinner, standing barefoot in the kitchen. She felt the curl of lust travel through her belly as he stripped his wet shirt off. Carefully put the knife down as he began pulling his pants off to dry. She hummed as she walked across to her man – standing in boxers with rain drops trailing his muscles. The flames of the fire warmed his bearded face and strong chest. She couldn’t help but touch.

She walked behind him, following his pensive gaze into the fire. Her hand trailed along his arm, stroking across his shoulder and upper back. The corded muscles relaxed beneath her touch. She circled and kissed his chest, tasting the salty mixture of rainwater and sweat. He smiled and grabbed her hips to pull her closer.

The kiss began as a brush of the lips to provide comfort. She pulled his shoulder to bring his lips to hers, tasting the rain again as she danced her tongue against his. She began to lean back and say something, but the grip on her hips tightened. He claimed her mouth in a deepening kiss that grayed her focus. She returned his kisses with increased fervor, stretching onto her toes and clawing his back to feel as much of his skin pressed against her as she could. Their tongues lashed and teeth nipped as the air shifted from a soft rain to a thundering, flashing storm of passion.

He fisted his hand in her tumbling blonde curls as his other hand cupped her ass, grinding her hips into his. She strained against him, rocking her hips into the rhythm of their tongues. He tore his mouth from hers and ripped her shirt off her head. He sighed in pleasure at the sight of her tits bouncing in the light of the fire. He dipped to greedily suck at her perky breasts, catching his teeth on each budding nipple to hear her soft moans. Her head fell back in pleasure, already lost in the sensations he was creating within her body. Her hands clenched his back as his teeth scraped against her aching nipple. She felt the pulsing pleasure growing in her pussy and moaned at the knowledge that she’d be dripping wet when he touched her.

She pulled his face away from hers to slide her tongue along the groove of his neck, nipping the skin where it tightened against his collarbone. Grinding her hips into his, she kissed and sucked every inch of his massive chest. Her hands explored his lower back and ass as she returned to his mouth for a wet and talented plunder.

He lifted her hips and pushed her against the wall, feeling her legs wrap around his waist. He watched her eyes glaze in pleasure as he thrusted into her open hips, grinding his aching cock against her jeans. Her swollen lips found his again.

She pushed against his shoulders until he dropped her back to the floor. She slid out of her jeans in seconds and knelt to pull his boxers out of her way. She hummed in pleasure as she freed his cock, gripping the base as she looked up into his eyes. She showed no hesitation as she greedily swallowed the head of his cock, sliding her tongue along the underside. She pulled his hips into her face, letting his cock slide in and out of her mouth. His cock slid deeper into her mouth with each thrust, wet with her spit. She moaned in pleasure when his cock hit the back of her throat, looking up into his eyes with her mouth full of him. She slid her hands from his hips to his balls to cup each ball and tease the sensitive skin. She sucked the tip of his cock, sliding her tongue around the head and humming against his skin. She dipped to take each ball into her mouth. She sucked lightly as she stroked her hand up and down his shaft. Her obvious pleasure in sucking his cock made him moan as he watched her head bob and dip. She returned to his cock and slid her hands back to his hips. She began pulling his hips to thrust his cock into her, demonstrating how she wanted him to move. He gripped the back of her blonde curls and began to thrust his hips. When her moans grew in intensity, he increased his pace until he was almost slamming his cock into her mouth. She swallowed him with a heavy moan as she began fingering her clit to the rhythm. Her eyes closed as she circled her clit in pace with his thrusts and bucking her hips in pleasure. She freed herself from everything but the moment, focusing on the sensation of his cock sliding down her throat as her fingers played in the wetness of her pussy. He groaned in pleasure and pulled out of her mouth quickly, unwilling to let this passion end so quickly.

She knelt back and kept her eyes on him as she pulled her dripping fingers from her pussy and licked them clean, using her other hand to pull and pinch her nipple.

He watched for a moment before he could not control it – he pushed her onto her back. He feasted on her skin, trailing his tongue along the grooves of her stomach as his hands replaced hers on her tits. He cupped and fondled each breast in turn as his head trailed down her waist. He kissed each thigh, pulling them apart and holding them open. He paused to look up at her flushed face and willing body, waiting for the pleasure he was sure to give. He dipped his head as he pulled the outer lips of her pussy apart to reveal her wet and aching clit and inner lips. He licked her clit, circling it in the same pattern she fingered only shortly before. She brushed her fingers through his hair and gripped in pleasure as his tongue and teeth teased her clit. She felt his tongue dip into her pussy, felt his hands roughly pull her legs up over his shoulders to give him better control. She was powerless in his grip as the powerful clutches of her orgasm began to build. The pressure pulsed in growing intensity as his tongue ravished her clit. Her moans grew as the first orgasm ripped through her. She ground her hips into his face as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her body.

Before she could recover, his cock replaced his tongue. He circled the tip around her pussy, watching her hips strain in response even as the last of her orgasm was flowing through her. He gripped her hips and thrust his cock deep inside her, pausing to feel her stretching around him. He pulled out slowly to the tip of his cock, then slammed back into her. He repeated this pattern to the sounds of her moans, feeling every inch of her pussy pull his cock in deep. She ground her hips into him, encouraging him to pick up speed with each deep thrust.

It wasn’t enough. She craved the pressure of him slamming into her pussy, pounding into her hips. She pulled away and flipped over, kneeling on all fours before him. She grinned over her shoulder and shook her ass, encouraging him. He pulled up onto his knees as he positioned himself behind her, gripping her ass and sliding the head of his cock back into her pussy. He pulled her hips back into him so her pussy slid back onto his cock, thrusting as he pulled. He began a tortured pace of sliding her back into his thrusting hips so his cock thrust into her pussy with growing hardness. She moaned louder as his hips rocketed into hers, loving the sensation of his cock rippling along every ridge in her pussy. She knew the orgasm was building but couldn’t resist spurring him faster by bucking her hips in impatience. He almost growled in response and began pumping her hips faster and faster, whipping in and out of her pussy. The combination of speed and force pushed her over the edge. She moaned what was more like a scream as an intense orgasm exploded. She couldn’t catch her breath as his thrusting kept pace through her orgasm, pulling her hips into him even as her pussy pulsed in waves of orgasm. She could do nothing more than moan as the pleasure continued to immobilize her.

He slapped her ass once as he pulled out to the tip of his cock. He slowed his pace to a tortuously slow thrusting, sliding out slowly only to slide back in until his hips ground against hers. He slapped her ass again when she bucked her hips in response. She wasn’t as quick to adapt to the slowed pace, aching for his pounding pressure once more. She sighed as she felt the ridges of his head slide into her pussy again, grinding against her G-spot before sliding out once more. His slow thrusting was just as powerful when he coupled it with a hand reaching to tease her clit. He circled her clit with his fingers as he thrust into her pussy, feeling her body tense and react around him. He knew she was building to another orgasm by her desperate moans and pulsing body. He pinched her clit and then circled it quickly as his cock maintained the slow, heavy thrusting. She slipped through the barriers of another orgasm, feeling the waves of sensation slam into her in rhythm with his thrusts.

As her body recovered from another orgasm, she pulled away once more. She pushed him onto his back this time, straddling his hips and sinking down onto his cock. Wet with her juices, his cock slid right into her G-spot as she rocked her hips against his. She cupped her own breasts as she began to ride him. Her hips grew faster and faster as she bucked on top of him, stretching her fingers across her nipples. Her hands slid into her hair as she completely let go and rode him in abandon. Bucking her hips, feeling his cock slam into her G-spot, she felt powerful and alive. She ground her hips into his, feeling the movement in her clit. She felt him cling to the last strands of control as she bounced on his cock. She bent forward to drop her nipples into his eager mouth and slide her pussy to the very tip of his cock and back down again. She slapped her hips up and down, keeping the frenzied pace she began. She leaned back to look him in the eye while she bucked over him. Again, she reached for her breasts. She pounded and grinded until she could feel him on the very egde of his orgasm. She paused for a moment to look at him, smiling, before she bounced up and down the length of his cock. She could feel his legs gripped in the last moments of pre-cum and moaned in pleasure. His hips strained away from the floor as he began to cum. He thrusted and released his cum into her aching pussy as she ground her hips in pleasure. She hummed as he grunted and released the final spurts of cum. She ground her hips gently a few more times, then stopped as they both caught their breath.

She looked down at him and smiled, realizing they’d yet to say a word. “Hello”, she said as she slid her hands across his chest once more.




She sipped from her glass of wine as she pulled the covers off the bed. He had instructed her to clear the bed and turn the lights low. She stripped off her tank and panties, feeling the goosebumps grow on her skin. She was nervous and excited and chilled in the empty bedroom.

She laid on the bed and waited.

He walked into the room with the rope in his hands. Smooth black rope wrapped around his arm as he eyed her naked body. Approaching the bed, he asked her to kneel and place her hands in front of her. He began wrapping the rope around her chest, making loops and knots to wrap around the curves of her breasts. As his hands and the rope slid across her body, her nipples tightened with the sensations. He paused in his work to catch one nipple between his teeth. She caught her breath as he licked and teased the taught bud until it ached with pleasure. Her nerves began to melt away as he moved to the other nipple, licking and sucking it into a tight peak to match.

He returned to the rope, bringing it around and around her waist. He must have practiced the tying and knotting, because his movements were smooth and confident. As each wrap of the rope tightened around her, she felt the sensation of being trapped and at the mercy of his desires. She felt herself grow wet with anticipation, knowing she would be bound and helpless to resist.

When finished, the rope twisted to cup her full breasts and wrap across her waist. He lifted her hands above her head, wrapping them together with the remaining rope. He lifted her bound hands toward the ceiling, hooking the end of the rope onto a hook in the ceiling.

She was left kneeling with her arms bound above her head. He stepped back to view his work, smiling at the sight of her captive and waiting for his pleasure. She squirmed under his scrutiny. The waiting was a torture worse than being held in such a position – she knew he was prolonging the moment just to see how she would react. She swallowed her impatience and spread her knees wide, letting a glimpse of her pussy slide into view.

He stepped forward, remaining standing in front of the bed. He slid his hand from her collarbone down the center of her body, stopping just before he reached the pussy she had opened wide for him. Teasing, his hand traced light circles across her body until goosebumps reappeared on her porcelain skin. He slid his fingers across her nipples, pinching and pulling each lightly while she muffled a small moan. He kissed her, tangling his tongue quickly with hers. He pulled back just seconds later and walked out of the room without a backwards glance.

She hesitated, wondering what was coming next. They had agreed to the bondage, creating an environment where he was in control, but had not discussed the specifics of his plan for control. She was more curious than afraid, knowing his ultimate goal would be her orgasmic pleasure above all else.

As her thoughts were tumbling from one scenario to another, he returned with a strip of fabric in his hand. “I’m going to blindfold you, so you’ll be completely helpless. I will pleasure you how I want and how long I want. Do you understand? You can say no, you can scream, you can shake, but I will not stop unless you say the safe word.”

She nodded, turned on by his sense of authority. The feeling of being completely under his control was incredibly sexy. He stepped forward and covered her eyes with the sash, tying it securely around her head. She felt his hands drop away and tried to adjust to her blindness.

He continued to tease, dropping a hand down her arm as his lips tickled the skin at her hip. She felt his fingertips slide down her ass while his breath blew across her nipple. He wound his way around her body, teasing and touching until she was squirming in pleasure. She felt herself grow wet with anticipation as he pinpointed each pleasure spot across her body. He remained standing, so she couldn’t anticipate where his movements were going to be. A sudden slap across her ass made her jump, a passionate kiss left her lips swollen and pulsing, a quick tweak of her nipple left her straining against the ropes that bound her. It was impossible to sit passively through this assault on her body, yet she had no choice. She couldn’t see, couldn’t predict, couldn’t resist the sensations he expertly evoked. There was no pain, no humiliation, no command, yet she felt utterly surrendered beneath him.

She heard the click and buzz of a toy, and wondered which vibrator he had pulled out of their drawer. It was loud enough for her to suspect her favorite wand. Before she could prepare, the rumbly buzzing magic wand was thrust against her clit. She bucked in pleasure and surprise, feeling the restraints tighten around her wrists as she tried to pull her hands down. Kneeling with her legs spread, she had no layers between the vibrator and her sensitive clit. She couldn’t see when it would graze her or grind into her until she bucked again, so the combination of pressures left her panting in pleasure. She rocked her hips in response, able to do little else but moan as wave after wave of vibrations shot through her body. In no time, she felt the pressure of an orgasm begin to build and quickly rip through her. She moaned and felt her thighs shake as she came, pulsing against the insistent vibrations.

When she would have stopped to softly stroke and return to normal, he continued pushing the magic wand against her clit with the pressure she craved. She moaned again, helpless to the buildup of another orgasm. He pushed her up over and over until she could do no more than pant and moan, feeling ripped open and covered in sensations. He pulled the wand away to let her catch her breath and regain some sense of awareness. She knew if he could see her eyes they’d be glazed with pleasure and out of focus. The absence of sight had only heightened the sense of touch, feeling every tingle spread through her body with increased awareness was incredible and overwhelming.

He waited a few more moments. “Are you ready for the next challenge? You’re going to ride me.”

He waited for her dazed nod, then gently helped her stand in a crouched position on the bed. He laid between her open legs, positioning them in a reverse cowgirl pose. “Now slide my cock into your aching pussy” He said as he guided her hips into his lap.

He eased the tip of his cock into her swollen folds, waiting for her to sink fully onto him. He let out a groan as her pussy engulfed his throbbing cock, sliding smoothly down his length. She unsteadily began to rock, adjusting to the inability to use her hands. She slid her pussy slowly away from his cock before quickly engulfing him once more, slamming back and taking him in deeply. She began to thrust with more force, rocking her hips forward and back with growing speed. The orgasms from the magic wand left her clit sensitive and swollen, so each thrust caused waves of sensation as her clit grazed his skin. She felt another orgasm building so quickly, she slowed to lengthen the experience. Her sole focus was on the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her aching pussy. He must have felt her hesitation to rush into another orgasm. He slapped her ass playfully. “No slowing down now” he said as he grasped her hips and roughly rocked her over his cock. When the unstoppable orgasm ripped through her again, he kept her hips moving at a quick pace as she moaned and arched over him. She continued to thrust herself into his cock over and over until orgasm after orgasm ripped through her. Each time she slowed in pleasure, his hands guided her over the wave of orgasms. The pace was fast and nonstop – pushing them both towards an incredible climax.

He groaned as he grew closer. “I’m so close. Don’t stop, just go” He said as he slid his hands down her damp back. She began to buck at a frenzied pace, desperate to bring them both to orgasm and unable to think past the incredible waves of pleasure drowning her. She thrust and slammed back into him, taking his cock out to the tip and deep into her pussy again and again. She could hear his quiet groans in the background of her reality, somehow knowing he was close to cumming as her own orgasm built to overflow. With a moan of surrender she bucked into the crashing orgasm, feeling his hands grip her hips as he buried his cock deep inside her pussy. She felt the tremors of his cock as he shot his cum into her, thrusting her hips as she felt his cock straining to release every last drop. His hands slacked and slid across her ass, sliding up her back and comforting as they breathed heavily.

As their breathing slowed, she could feel his hands sliding appreciatively around her body, feeling the contrast of smooth skin and tight rope. She continued to sit atop him, waiting for his next move. He reached towards her face, removing the blind fold and laying back again. She blinked against the light, letting her eyes adjust to the room once more. She looked over her shoulder at his face, the grin split across his lips.

“Maybe I should just leave you here for a while” He playfully joked. She rolled her eyes and strained against the ceiling hook.

He laughed and carefully slid out from under her and began to unwrap the rope. As the sensation returned to her hands and the places where the rope had touched tingled with sensitivity, she said “Maybe next time I should tie you up instead”

He grinned again as he wrapped the rope back into a neat pile. “Does that mean you enjoyed yourself?”

She sighed as she laid across the bed, spent and exhausted from so many orgasms. “Enjoy isn’t the word for that kind of experience. Ask me when I come back from the dead” She heard his laugh as he sprawled against her side, pulling her close as they lay across the bed. She sighed in contentment and knew she’d be researching rope configurations as soon as she found her energy again.


She studies the profiles. Piles of seemingly open and curious people within driving distance of her home, willing to meet for a drink and maybe more. She imagines finding a woman. She already knows she will start with a woman. A woman with lovely curves and a smile of understanding for her inevitable shyness. A woman willing to take the lead and act as mentor for her first experience.

They would meet for a drink, to help calm her nerves. Playful flirtations and light touches provoke her courage as much as the shivers of vodka running through her body. She imagines walking the short distance from the bar to a hotel room. She expects some laughter and hesitations as they transition from flirtatious to something more.

Despite her vast imagination, she still can’t see herself turning this into reality. She laughs as a flash of her first lap dance runs through her mind. The memories blur, but she remembers fondling and kissing the stripper’s breasts. She never imagined she would do that either. Maybe her imagination is the problem? She suspects he would nod his head at this and encourage her to make a friend from the list.

For right now, the image in her head is enough. It gives the thrill and appeal of something new without the possible negatives. She wonders how much longer this will satisfy. Curiosity doesn’t just go away, after all. For now, though, she continues to consider.



She walked into the house. Dripping in sweat, she dropped her gym bag by the door and slipped shoes off her aching feet. She had left it all at the gym today, and was looking forward to a steamy shower to ease all her aching muscles. She still had her iPod blasting, and almost walked right into him.

“Oh, shit!” She said as she pulled the earbud away and steadied herself by grabbing his arm. “You scared me.”

Normally he would’ve grinned and said something funny, joking about how easy it is to make her jump perhaps. He would’ve asked how the gym was and begin their usual evening routine of finding dinner and entertainment. He would’ve held a conversation about their respective days as she showered and dressed for the evening.

But today, he didn’t grin.

There was another look in his eye today. It reminded her of a wolf stalking his prey – ready to dominate and conquer. She didn’t know what put it there. Perhaps he’d just finished a really enticing conversation online. Maybe the appeal of her attempts to work out to look good for him was suddenly dawning. It’s unlikely her muscles showed her hard work yet. She knew she didn’t look her best. She was flushed and flustered.

“You look like you had a good workout” He said as he hooked his arm around her back, pulling her closer.
“I smell terrible…I sweat my ass off…I don’t think…”
She started to ramble reasons why she didn’t look her best despite the fact that he clearly didn’t mind. His hands found her hips and anchored her in place. He kissed her with an urgent passion, effectively silencing the stream of words pouring out of her.

“I think you need another workout.” He all but purred the words as he peeled the damp shirt off her skin. He ran a finger along the top of her sports bra, his touch leaving a line of nerves sizzling in response.

“But you’re probably not up for it…” He murmured as he bent his head to capture her lips in another kiss. His strong lips and tongue wrecked havoc on her mouth, scattering her negative thoughts entirely.

“I think I still have some energy actually.”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his body closer. The fabric of her sports bra scraped against his shirt and his hands circled her waist to grab her ass. Suddenly it didn’t matter where the look in his eyes had come from or why. She felt the same urgency now. She couldn’t see it, but her eyes held a gleam of their own. The gleam of sexual knowledge – knowing she had the power to entice, tease, and please her man. She hooked a leg around his to grind her hips against him. The thin fabric of her pants allowed the friction of his jeans to do delicious things to her. She felt the pull of lust stretch across her stomach, imagined herself growing wet with anticipation of pleasure.

She became filled with impatience, desperate to feel his skin against hers. She stepped back to pull his shirt over his head, kissing the shoulder she bared. She fumbled with his belt buckle as he chuckled.

“In a hurry, are you?”

She watched as he stripped the last of his clothing away. His cock hung thick and heavy between his legs, practically pulsing with his desire. The strong muscles of his body framed a picture she couldn’t stand not to touch. She ran her hands from his shoulders down to his cock, clutching the very thing she most desired at the moment.

“I just need you to fill me as soon as possible”

She stepped back to strip her own clothes off, moaning in pleasure when he caught her freed nipple between his teeth. She knelt in front of him, eagerly taking him into her mouth. She felt so powerful in this position, kneeling in front of him but holding his pleasure in her hands just as his hands cupped her head. She felt his hips buck in response to her attempts to deep throat his cock, humming with the effort.  She cupped his balls, feeling them heavy and filled. She licked the tip of his cock, tasting the quick spurt of precum as she pumped her hand up and down his cock.

“I can’t wait, I need to feel you in my pussy.”

He grasped her arms, pulling her roughly to her feet. Before she could catch her balance, he spun her towards the table and pushed her over. She bent over the table, spreading her legs and moaning in anticipation.

“Please, baby, get in me.” She said as she gripped her ass and looked over her shoulder at him.

He stepped up behind her and thrust into her. She was wet and ready and his cock slid deep into her pussy. She groaned as the sensations began to ripple through her body. He stretched and filled her so quickly she didn’t have a chance to adjust.

He pulled out to the tip of his cock before driving into her again, hard. She moaned in response. He pulled out slowly once more, letting her feel every ridge and vein slide through her until she felt the aching emptiness before he plunged back into her pussy. He began a rough, frenzied pace of fucking, slamming his cock into her over and over. She felt the impact of his hips bouncing against her ass, felt his strength in his grip on her hips, and his pleasure in the rhythmic thrusting. She couldn’t do anything more than moan, almost paralyzed with the intensity of pleasure radiating from his thrusts.

“Your cock feels so good, I’m almost there” She gasped as she felt the pressure of a climax begin to build. It wouldn’t take many thrusts at this pace to make that pressure burst into a pulsing orgasm.

“Oh yeah, does that mean this is a good workout?” He teased as he reached forward to twist and pinch her nipple.

“You know I like to work out…hard” She replied as the pressure came to its peak. Knowing her body’s reactions as well as his own, he slowed his movements, pulling all the way out of her pussy and sliding back in. Just at the cusp of her orgasm he drove hard, slamming his hips against her as he drove her over the edge.

She couldn’t speak as the orgasm ripped through her, barely holding onto the table as he continued to thrust into her pulsing pussy. The first orgasm was like a challenge, urging him to drive her to cum again and again. His thrusts were an endless assault of pleasure, sending her into another world where her only coherent thoughts were of cumming over and over.

Fast and furious, he drove both of them into a dazed reality of pleasure until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please let me taste you. I need you to cum. Cum in my mouth” She demanded as her senses reeled from the latest orgasm. She felt his hands grasp her hips once more to turn her towards him.

She smiled triumphantly as she knelt in front of his cock. It was wet from her pleasure and straining in his need for release. His balls were tight and hard against his body, ready to release the cum she so desperately wanted.

She swallowed the head of his cock, massaging his balls as she rhythmically sucked his throbbing cock. She looked up at him as she swallowed nearly all of him, feeling his tip slide against the back of her throat. He groaned and gripped her head, thrusting his hips and fucking her mouth. She moaned as his cock slid in and out of her mouth, knowing he was getting closer.

“Ready for it?” He asked as he stroked her jaw, eyes half closed in pleasure.

She gripped his ass and focused her efforts on sucking him hard, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth at the quick pace he preferred when he was about to cum. She felt the tremors slide through his cock as the cum splashed into her mouth. His groans accompanied the pulsing of his cock as it emptied its contents into her waiting mouth. She sucked him dry, then sat back on her heels and looked up at him.

She smiled as she licked her lips, knowing her face would be the picture of satisfaction. She was well fucked and could taste his pleasure on her tongue, she was satisfied in every way.

“Now I suppose you can have that shower…” He said as he walked away.

The Restaurant

She sipped her frosty drink and felt the shiver of alcohol run through her body. The tight bodice of her dress strained as she took a deep breath and smiled. She crossed her legs and felt the smoothness of her bare legs beneath the short hem. She felt desired and breathtaking as she listened to her husband’s dramatic experience with a jaded feminist in a chat room. She loved the way he was able to delve into the essence of someone so easily. You could find yourself telling him your darkest secrets after one drink and a few easy jokes.

She slipped away to the restroom to check her makeup and begin the surprise she had planned. She stepped into the stall and pulled it out of her purse. Slipping the wireless vibrator into her silk panties, she tested the remote. She hummed as the quick vibration coursed through her, then turned the remote off and slipped it back into a side pocket of her purse. She stopped at the mirror to expose even more cleavage and make sure her smudged and heavy makeup still looked sexy and enticing. She didn’t need any raccoon eyes ruining the playful mood she intended to start.

She walked back to the table, a little unsteady on the heels she never wore. She smiled when she found a fresh drink had replaced her nearly empty one. Her husband laughed when she picked it up and took a quick swallow.

“You look so sexy in that dress” He said as he eyed her cleavage spilling out of the low-cut top.

“I love when you look at me like that. Too bad we’re not alone right now…” The look he gave her was just the invitation she was waiting for. She took another quick sip of her drink for courage than began to rifle in her purse. Before he could question her actions, she slid the remote across the table.

“Why don’t you make this dinner a little more exciting?”

The realization crossed his eyes at the same moment a wicked smile touched his lips. He palmed the remote and watched me as he tested it. Turning it on low, he watched me sigh and squirm in my chair as the vibrations shuddered through me. He turned it off again, returning to the meal in front of him. I knew his plan was to tease me until I was begging for his cock, and I couldn’t wait.

Hoping to speed up the process, I asked what his plan was for the night. He had planned a night out surprise, telling me to dress up and pack something sexy. I loved the idea of not knowing what would happen next.

“Oh, you don’t get to find out that easy. First I’m going to bring you to the brink of orgasm and watch as you struggle to contain your moans in a crowded restaurant.”

He turned the vibrator on high, knowing the direct contact with my clit would evoke an orgasm in minutes. I bit my lip as a moan tried to escape and crossed my legs. Knowing we were surrounded by people who had no idea I was about to cum was so arousing. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to stop every moan from crossing my lips had my nerves humming along with the vibrator. I knew he understood the mixture of pleasure and anxiety, as he switched the vibrations to a pulsing pace. I wondered if he was going to make me cum right in my seat.

I squirmed again as the pressure built. He began asking about my day at the office, knowing the regular conversation was nearly impossible for me to hold.

“You know, paperwork and phonecalls. Nothing…mmm… exciting” I answered as my fingernails dug into my chair.

“Mmm, and is this dinner… exciting you?” His teasing tone turned me on even more, knowing he would be growing hard watching my eyes darken with desire.

I hummed as I felt the pressure begin to centralize right above me clit, knowing my orgasm would be within minutes if the incessant pulsing continued. I uncrossed my legs and took another gulp of my drink, praying the waiter wouldn’t take this opportunity to appear at the table.

He watched me closely, knowing my body’s reactions as well as his own. He smiled because he knew I was so close. Just as the pressure built to intensity and I began to moan with the anticipated release, he turned off the vibrator. He sat back in his chair and took a sip of his own drink.

I nearly moaned again at the sudden desperation to cum. My body was aching for release since it had come so close. I squirmed again, trying to comfort the gnawing need centralized between my legs.

“What’s wrong, Jenna? Aren’t you comfortable?” He asked, grinning at my discomfort.

“Just tell me we can leave this restaurant soon.”

“We can, but I’m not done with you yet. Not even close” He said as he signaled for the waiter.

The waiter came and cleared the dishes as he eyed me across the table, drumming his fingers on the tabletop. I was stroking the top of my thigh, wondering what was next and how I could get him alone to pound this ache out of my body.

As the waiter walked away, he looked me in the eye. “I’m going to bring you close again and again until you’re savage with need for it. I’m going to make you so desperate to cum, then I’m going to take you to the hotel and fuck you until you scream. And then I’m going to make you cum again and again.”

I swallowed around the lump of desire that had risen into my throat. His words could seduce as easily as his hands and they just did. I grabbed my purse and followed him on wobbly steps, trying to ignore the heaviness of the vibrator sliding against my clit as I walked.

We took the elevator down to the ground floor. Before the elevator doors closed completely, he had me pinned against the wall as his mouth posssessed my lips. His hands greedily grabbed my hips and ass and he dug his hard cock into my aching pussy. He mouth streaked down my neck, biting my collarbone before he bent to suck my nipples through the thin dress. His hands roughly cupped my breasts as he continued to grind his hips against me, making me moan in response. He returned to my swollen lips, kissing me until my head spun.

The elevator dinged and he stepped back quickly. He laughed as I attempted to pull myself together, pushing my hair back and taking deep breaths before I pulled myself away from the wall.

“This is going to be so fun” He said as he pulled my hand and led me onto the street.

Amateur Night

Her cleavage almost spilled out of her top as she leaned forward to pick up her fourth drink. The heels she bought yesterday were so sexy as long as she didn’t stand. She knew she looked slutty with the heavy makeup and painted on jeans. Tonight was all about indulgence. Too many drinks, not enough clothes, and a night to remember. They were celebrating. Nothing in particular, just celebrating taking a night to themselves.

The music pulsed and pounded as she laughed and stroked his leg. They were crowded into a booth in a dark corner of the club. The dark corner and loud music left them isolated in their own little world. No one could hear the dirty things he whispered into her ear. No one could see the hands she couldn’t keep to herself.

The music paused, then a sultry beat began to play as the woman entered the room. The woman sauntered across the stage with a smile for the club. She could not stop looking at the woman. So much confidence and sexuality wrapped up in sheer stockings and lingerie. The woman began her slow hip swirls towards the pole as she sat a little straighter to watch. The woman gripped the pole and continued to dance, catching her eye. The eye contact made everything so much more intense. The liquor must have been hitting her, because the room blurred into the background and all she could see was this woman. She picked up her drink to quench her suddenly dry throat as the woman began slipping out of her clothes.

He must have noticed her behavior as he leaned closer to her ear and asked “You like?” She simply nodded, unable to express the mixture of attraction and desire to be the woman on the stage.

She continued to sip her drink while the woman finished her routine, fascinated with the way the woman wrapped around the pole and danced across the stage. Men across the club were captured, handing her their attention and bills all at once. What kind of exhilaration must that be, to capture the attraction of everyone in a room?

The woman left the stage during a round of applause. He returned to whispering dirty fantasies in her ear, making her laugh and gasp with surprise. Then she heard the announcement – it’s amateur night. Join the ladies on stage for a chance to win some cash. He looked at her, questioning. She laughed it off, thinking she could never.

He shook his head and ordered another round of drinks, seeing the desire in her eyes clouded by uncertainty. He knew her inhibitions disappeared with each drink. It took him less than five minutes of flirtatious encouragement to get her to agree. After all, she wanted to get up on stage. She just needed to drown her reservations.

She requested more alcohol as her nerves threatened to overtake her. After all, her sober self avoided becoming the center of attention. A literal spotlight on her was enough to sober her without more liquor immediately.

In no time, it was her turn. She awkwardly walked onto stage, unsure how to begin. Then, she caught his eye. The attraction and desire seemed to be pulsing out of him watching her on the stage. It gave her courage. She walked to the pole, gripping it as she dipped low and sashayed her hips. She knew she didn’t have the grace or expertise of the woman. When she turned and saw all eyes on her, she didn’t care. She was an amateur, but she knew she was hot. She gave herself up to the music and her own inhibitions, dancing around the pole and feeling her own body for all her voyeurs. She stripped off her shirt, revealing a low cut lacy black bra with breasts barely contained in its cups. She bent forward, knowing her nipples would be almost slipping out of the lace. She brazenly leaned towards an encouraging smile and let his fingers brush her soft skin as a man dipped a couple bills into her bra strap. She knew this was unlike anything she’d done before. Dancing for the eyes of strangers, all while knowing he was behind them all. He was watching her like she was someone new. Someone daring and appealing and just out of reach.

The music ended almost as quickly as it began. She blushed in the face of applause and left the stage as awkwardly as she entered, the spell of the music dissolved. She made her way back to the booth and was about the ask how he enjoyed the view when her lips were assaulted. He kissed her with abandon as he gripped her waist and pulled her tight against his body in the booth. She quickly forgot everyone but him and kissed him back as though they were alone. Luckily he had a few less drinks and stopped her before she stripped off both their clothes. He smiled at her as he said “great job” and asked for a private show.

She laughed and grabbed her purse, ready to unleash the passion she saw pulsing in him. She knew tomorrow she wouldn’t believe she had done this, gone on stage to dance. She would blush at the bills she found crumpled on the dresser. She would joke that it was the liquor. But she knew. It was in her. Buried mostly, but the stripper didn’t appear overnight. She wondered what her alternate self would do with the next night of liquor and indulgence.

Date Night

We haven’t had a date night in so long. Tomorrow will be refreshing. I can almost picture the highlights.

Getting dressed in clothes that show off my curves. Taking the extra time on my hair and makeup to feel sexy. Pulling on the heeled boots that signify a special occasion. Swallowing the bundle of nerves I confront every time I go out of my way for you. Swallowing them because I know you’ll give me a smile, a look, a compliment to melt them away and make me feel beautiful.

Sitting down at the table, a little nicer than our usual couch meal. I glance over the drink menu and pick something out of the ordinary because this is an out of the ordinary night. We’re not so adventurous though, I bet we’ll order steak and potatoes. Some things don’t need to be changed. We’ll probably talk about random thoughts or memories. Sometimes a walk down memory lane makes me smile and remember how many emotions we’ve felt throughout the years. Or maybe we’ll keep it light and pass some playful flirting around the table. It doesn’t really matter. I love getting time with you, outside of our normal day to day responsibilities. We might even splurge on dessert because it’s a special occasion. Our first date night in so long.

Because it’s a night away from home, we might indulge in some drinks at a bar. We’re away from home – we don’t have to be responsible. Maybe I’ll get tipsy enough to dance. You’ll get more affectionate as you watch me slur my words. You’ll hint at trying something new with other people. I’m not there yet, so I’ll pass. This isn’t another crazy Tokyo adventure. This is a get closer to you adventure. Get out of our bed that we’ve slept in so many nights. Get out of the town we have so many negative associations with. Sometimes a change of scenery makes your sexiness that much more apparent. Hotel sex is on the plan for tomorrow night.

I don’t have any specific visions in mind for our hotel time tomorrow. I know orgasms will be on the menu, but I’m trying not to plan every detail down to the minute. I think too hard and it gets in the way of everything else. I don’t have any specific surprises planned. I’m not very good at planning things.

I’m just looking forward to the small adventure. Getting out, getting away. So many of our vacations have been centered around other things. This will be fun. Like a sex vacation, because that’s really all I can think of doing.