My List

This is a continual work in progress kind of list!

  • Tied up
  • Tie someone else up
  • Sex in a public place
  • Masturbate in a public place
  • Sex tape
  • Webcam sex
  • Sex on a boat
  • Sex in a body of water
  • Strip poker/monopoly/card game with a group of people
  • Sex in a tent in the wilderness
  • Sex on the beach
  • Blindfolds
  • Ice
  • Sex in the rain
  • Silent sex in a full house
  • Write erotica to act out
  • Act out written erotica
  • Wear wireless vibrator in public place
  • Role play with my spouse
  • Role play with someone else
  • Anal
  • Professional budoir pictures
  • Sex with a dildo with all the bells and whistles
  • Sex in a restaurant/bar bathroom
  • Blowjob while he’s driving
  • Watch another couple having sex
  • Have someone watch us
  • Sex swing sex
  • Deep throat
  • Threesome
  • Sexual play with a girl while he watches
  • Have sex with a man while he watchs
  • Watch him have sex with a woman
  • Amateur night at strip club
  • Take a pole dancing class
  • Pick up a stranger in a bar
  • Go to a sex party or swinging club
  • Ask him to bring me home “a treat”
  • Sex at work
  • Blindfolded and gagged

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